Inexpensive date ideas?

I have little money, and i know my boyfriend is saving up to buy a gun. What are some inexpensive date ideas? I live in Florida... it's summer time and usually rainy. Regular temperature is Satan's Ass Crack. Help?


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  • Movies, movie night at home with takeout or cook something together to eat, window shopping at a mall. Pretty much anything can be made into a date.


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  • He's buying a gun before taking you out on a date? Lmao

    • no, he has taken me on dates. He just wants to buy a gun and i totally support that, so he is saving his money... I don't exactly have a job. I babysit. I get paid about 10 an hour. So it's not bad... its just im not needed all that much. i just want to et out of the house and spend time with him. We usually do movie night and popcorn or videogames and popcorn. I just want to do something different tho..

    • He actually took me to Ohio in June. It's all he wanted for his birthday, was for me to go with him to see his grandparents. So he DOES take me places. He just wants to save up. and I am totally for that.

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