I was there through his toughest and darkest times now this?

To make a long story short I've been with this girl for over 3years. We were friends first then we caught feelings & fell in love. He was my first love first guy I had sex with and everything. The moment when we were going to make things serious with a commit relationship he hit rock bottom. He lost everything and became very depressed. I was there for him through everything brought him food and whatever he needed, even slept with him at his mom's b/c he had to move back with her after losing his house. You see I never asked him for anything I mean anything even when things were good for him I didn't.

Now, he's getting back on his feet and things are starting to pick up for him. He has a new job at this big promotional company and that limits our time spent together. Now here is where things strike for me. He tells me he's been really busy juggling jobs. Outside of the promotional company he also works at a night club now to earn extra money. He does call me and FaceTime me keeping me updated with everything but I want to see him. Can you believe 4months went pass and we still haven't seen each other? Of course my mind started to wonder. Of course I confronted him and he tells me "I'm sorry babe just been busy trying to get this new deal, once this is over I'll have time". Now let me back track within those 4mons he did tell him he'll be traveling for work forgot to mention but STILL!!!

I expressed my concerns about not seeing him for four months & how I feel abandoned. Deep down I do, he tells me he love me and he's not going no where but he's making it hard to believe

After me telling him it blows my mind how four months can go by without him attempting or wanting to see me & how I feel abandoned I also told him I feel like I need to detach myself from him. He instantly called me I didn't answer then he sent a text saying " I do want to see you" I didn't respond and he called again. I haven't heard from him since and I feel like things are slowly drifting away between us and it hurts b/c after everything we've been through smh it just hurts


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  • You became his doormat.

    • Hard pill to swallow and hear but thank you

    • I'm sorry. Honestly.

    • It's ok, well I mean not ok but I accepted it I've been taken for granted