Guys, why would you want a girlfriend, not just a fwb? What can get you to that point? What type of girl?

Let's say the girl is attractive and has a nice personality. The conversations are great, the sex is passionate, you do activities together and have similar interests. What would be missing?

I know it's more, but what would motivate you to make this step as opposed to being just fwb?


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  • A friend with benefits is mostly in your life for the sex. Sure, she is still a friend, but it is much different from a platonic friend (obviously).

    A girlfriend is much more than just there for the sex. She becomes a big part of your life. She gets to know your secrets. You can be with her, how you would be alone (like no one is watching).
    Also, she gets to meet your family, friends, etc. That isn't often the case with a friends with benefits.

    • ok, but why would you make this step?

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    • Since I am from your parents' generation, we did not really have this distinction. The guy was either a boyfriend or just a friend (with no sex or attraction). Things are not obvious nowadays and dating gets impersonal (with all the dating sites & dozens of interesting girls and younger). Each partner in a couple can be different and you can still adjust. Let's say you accept to go out 2 nights a week and stay in 2 nights a week. You learn to dance and she watches a game with you at home. Anyway, my ex would go play soccer & football with his friends. I'd go to my dance, capoeira and university courses. Then we'd hike in the mountains together with the kids on a Saturday, walk by the river and watch a movie. For women, it's hard not to feel a romantic interest if there is attraction & sex. When you say more similar aspects of personality, are you referring to values in life and goals? Do you think your friends just wants to be with diff. guys & she's not serious enough to be in a rel?

    • Yes, values and goals in our are a big part of it, as those do not necessarily have to be the same (or similar) if the relationship is just about sex. I personally am not a fan of having friends with benefits, as I want more than just sex out of a relationship.
      It is possible that a certain girl is not serious enough to consider a relationship, but it is very subjective as to what that entails. Most of my female friends prefer to stay with one guy, but some inevitably break up quickly and go on to the next.

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  • The commitment. The living together. The sharing every bit of our lives


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