Do guys like it when girls show a little neediness or send back to back messages, or show some type of eagerness?

I know they say guys like a chase.. But are there guys out there who like it when girls message them first more often or send double messages to show heightened interest, or in any way show needy-like interest as long as it isn't messages constantly.. Like maybe one a day or something.
I've had guys tell me that they want me to "bug" them more.. That I don't enough but I always thought guys didn't like that or if they wanted to talk they'd message you.

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  • I wouldn't mind that at all. see clingyness is on a scale for me. way too much can be a problem, but there is a sweet spot.

    • Is this too clingy? : I sent a guy a message and asked to chill with him this weekend and he told me he had to check his schedule but more than likely a yes.

      He never got back to me.. So yesterday I messaged him "hey"... No response again. I don't know if I should ask him if he ended up being busy or just not send him anything?

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    • I sent it Tuesday. Then he responded Tuesday. I sent hey on Thursday. And then yeah... Nothing. It's now the weekend when we had the potential plans... Kinda bummed. I don't want to chase him but I would like to have an answer even if silence may be an answer

    • thats not too bad. when were you supposed to hang out? and if silence is your answer, that tells you something as well unfortunately. people are never TOO busy to send a message that takes 30 seconds. its all about where we fall on others priority list..

What Guys Said 3

  • The majority of guys don't like a chase, it's bs.

  • A little is okay but if it's a lot then its just annoying

  • Clingyness is reassuring. Even if it gets annoying at times, it tells me she is crazy about me.


What Girls Said 1

  • No one likes a needy nelly lol they are just saying that bc they want you to stroke their egos. Who the heck likes when someone sends a text and then ANOTHER bc you didn't respond? Like B! tch, did you not get the hint when I didn't respond the first time? I think both men and women get annoyed with neediness to be honest.

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