Why are white girls so attracted to mixed guys so much?

Why do white girls like mixed guys so much

Like what makes them better then white guys

Opinions are appreciated


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  • Girls of all races, not just white girls, will like biracial guys a lot.
    Nothing makes them objectively better than white guys, or guys of any race, for that matter. It's simply a matter of preference. :)

    • Why is that

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    • @WolfJinx ok so if a guy that was mixed with black and white got together with a white girl what would the child be

    • Probably 1/4 black and 3/4 white

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  • Exotic-ness I guess

    • Really?

    • Yes, you obviously want something that's unique.

      There's this Latin + Swedish guy who used to come to the gym , I would go homo for. No homo.

  • I'm guessing you are a mixed guy with this bullshit.

    • No I am not I'm a curious white guy wanting to know why I keep getting looked over due to this

    • You are a white guy that is getting brainwashed by the shit you see online. It's fucking with your self-esteem and making you feel worthless, Which is exactly what the hateful ass cocksuckers want,

    • But it's the truth you see it everywhere