Am I doing a bad thing?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, We've had a pretty okay and also pretty bad relationship. I'm so attached to him and he's my first love, but he does things that make me upset. When things don't go his way he becomes mean, says negative things to me, threatens to leave, compares me to other girls who "could do more things for him than me" Talks bad about my family because they don't agree with me being with him and even has forbid me to see friends, and even family members because he doesn't like them. I've given up my dream career, modeling for him yet he has auditioned and done modeling while threatening to break up with me over it, When I go out with family members he gives attitude and i end up not enjoying yet he goes out and its okay... He's told me to kill myself, and he wouldn't care if I did... and says I haven't done shit for him and makes me feel bad talking down to me... Recently I had family in France I haven't seen in years offer to let me visit them... he went as far as telling me he will leave me if I leave for 3 weeks to go see them, also saying to commit suicide and he wouldn't care.. even said my family here doesn't want me around, and also went as far as bringing up my alcoholic dad saying he left me as a choice.. and doesn't give a fuck about me... too much more things.. sorry if this is so long but I need advice please ):


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  • It is obvious he is verbally and emotionally abusive. He has problems that he will have to come to grips with and deal with WITHOUT you. Don't stay with him and take this from him. Leave and go far away from him!

    • I've given up everything for him.. and I don't want to be alone. Loneliness is what kills me. He says, after being with him that nobody would ever want me..

    • if you do break up, don't put yourself at there for a while.

    • He told you to kill your self...

  • I only got a third through reading your story and I have to write this.

    Two years is a long time. Right now you're only gf/bf and he's this negative. What will happen when you two marry and he has full "man authority" over you? Shits gonna hit the fan

  • Kill him


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