How do show a guy you care by texting?

So I wanna show my this guy I like I'm there for him but I don't know how I told him before I care about him and I'm there for him but how else can I show him I do?


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  • Is he a friend? A good friend?

    • Yeah a good friend

    • Then just tell him that you care about him and will always be there. That's the best way that I have found. Saying I love you even though you might mean it in a pure friendly way can come off as a different meaning and can cause confusion. So just say that you care about him.

    • Thanks Luv! I am glad I could help :).

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  • It's difficult to show someone how much you care via texting, because all you have is words and no actions.

    If it's not possible to be there for him in person , then try to just initiate contact at times to ask how he is. The best way to show someone you genuinely care is why listening with the intent to understand, or try to relate to how they are feeling.

    Sometimes people don't need advice , they just want comfort , support and encouragement from someone cares enough to be there for them when they need to offload


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  • Surprise him with something like ghonerea jk

  • by texting that I love you


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