Guys, he ghosted me two months ago and then texts me out of the blue?

There's a long back story, bare with me:
I've had a crush on him for 3 years. About a year ago I drunkenly mentioned that I liked him but we never talked about it. Then back in February we would be at the same bar a lot and ended up texted a few times a week talking about our day and stuff like that. We had a short conversation about him not wanting anything serious and I said I was fine with that.
After 2 months of meeting up at the bar almost weekly and texting he came over after a night at the bar. We just sat on my bed and talked, watched Netflix. When he was leaving he mentioned that he didn't try anything/we didn't hook up because other people were home and he also didn't want anyone's feelings to her hurt. I said I understood and that we already talked about that, it was cool. (I actually rearly like him so I'll pretty much say anything just to have any type of "thing" with him.")

The next week I texted him and he never answered. For almost 3 months I never heard from him or saw him at the bars we both frequent. Then he texts me "Hey stranger!" as if it's totally normal. I should be mad but I'm not so I text him back and we catch up a little. What the hell could this mean? He wants things to go back the way there were? He feels bad about disappearing? I know I sound a little pathetic but this is my dream guy in every way but this so any insight would be so appreciated. Thank you!!


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  • You could learn a lot about catching this guy by taking some fishing lessons, no kidding. Big desireable fish like this one OFTEN act this way and the anglers that frequently catch these are patient, learn what baits works best on what fish & when. Some will suggest "talk to him" hahaha but guys don't talk unless they want something - or to impress a gal to get something from her.

    Only patience & time will tell his story and soon he'll feel comfortable enough with you to run his mouth until you get an earache. Try giving him a massage next time he's over watching TV on mute/CC and maybe that will prime his pump/tongue.


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