A guy likes me what should I do?

so, I was on my daily dose of Facebook until I got bored and texted my friend. He talked for about a half an hour until he told me about his girlfriend/my other friend, broke up with him. And then he asked me if he could tell me something and, of course, I was scared. I typed "sure" then he told me he liked me. It was kinda weird since in 1st grade he was my crush and I never had the boobs (probably because I had no boobs in 1st grade) to tell him. That's when I needed help. Barely anybody likes me, in that way, besides one of my exes that actually did like me for some reason. I didn't know what to do then and I don't know what to do now :/


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  • Well, if you don't like him, tell him that you're not interested.


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  • Never has the lady balls to tell him eh? If you like him tell him, just be wary because I doubt many highschool/middleschool relationships will be long term. He may even be rebounding if it's sudden.

    • I dont like him now I did in 1st grade

    • Then try to be easy and say i like you as a friend blahblahblah. Use whatever words feel best.

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