Did you ever believe the streotypes about the other gender growing up?

Growing up I heard some people here and there (including my father) talk about how girls take a lot of time to decide, to dress up, can't really reason in a lot of situations, like to talk a lot, dont know what they truly want, are not as chill and logical as men and are hard to understand ( since you can't understand someone who doesn't understand himself), easily fooled with the right words... I have always thought "what a BS" but growing up, talking to girls and dating and being wanted by girls that changed.

Girls actually do all that and much more rarely do you find a girl who doesn't do that its like a universal thing.



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  • At some point, yes I did


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  • I've seen all of these in different girls, usually not every single one though haha. As for the reasoning, generally girls are more emotional than guys. For example a girl will stay with someone who is obviously manipulating and abusing the shit out of them because 'he totally loves me'. Also one girl couldn't make up her mind if she wanted a ride somewhere, some guy had a crush on her and wanted me to go pick her up since she's 30 seconds away I said sure. She said I dunno if I wanna go about 20 times. After the second I just said I'm leaving in 5 mins so w/e. I wouldn't say all girls have all of these qualities, but they definitely are quite a bit different than guys in some regards.