Has anyone ever thought their chances to date somebody were completely shot, only to have that person contact you later on?

Share your stories.


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  • Yes, I had a massive crush on a co-worker... We were friends at work and texted a lot.

    I found out she had a boyfriend, and it I fell apart... I knew she had some problems, but she mentioned she did want to marry him...

    I moved on, took me a long time to accept I would never be with her...

    One day I was a bit confused so I needed to be sure... So I talked to her to find out she was single now...

    Most the progress I had made getting over her is gone now...

    I am at this point now, I have feelings for her, see her everyday but am unsure what to do... I love her, but don't want to date her now...


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  • I used to have a crush on a girl, who wasn't in any of my classes, didn't talk to me, and just didn't know I existed. Until one day I decided to say hello to her during lunch, after that we started to talk more and more, eventually we started dating.
    I think you shouldn't call it quits until you try :)

  • No, I've always gauged what's going on pretty accurately.

  • Erm, I think I recently done this to a woman. Which has now left me REALLY confused. It was mainly down to the fact that I was to nervous to say the wrong thing. And due to my work commitments I couldn't actually make my move. I have dug myself a hole and now I feel like I am a sitting carrot. My story is under the link check it out ! www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2060912-why-hasn-t-she-rejected-me-lol


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