Relationship advice please?

I was in love once. It ended. Now I can't feel emotions toward others. It's been like 6 years.. i ve tried to fall in love, or even crush on someone. I can't. I'm repulsed by it. Wth is wrong? I'm not trolling sadly I'm serious.


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  • You just have not met another person that you really like yet. When you do just try not to fall head over heels so much for him. My freind had that problem she got through it and now she is happily married with a kid on the way. As long as you still feel towards others then your fine. Love sometimes takes time to develop with a person or you can find yourself attracted to him as soon as you see him. You also have to actively be looking. No one is going to walk up to you in your social group that has not already.


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  • Sounds familiar. But not for 6 years.
    You can't force yourself to crush or fall in love, if you don't see right person for you in your surroundings that means that person didn't come yet. I don't think that it is something wrong with you, maybe try meet new people and don't think about them that "could I fall in love with him", just try to know more about person mybe you'll like something in their personality that would attract you later. If not well whatever, you'll make some friends.


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