He keeps going back and forth with the relationship. What do I do?

About several years ago this guy and I have been going back and forth with dating. It would get serious to the point where he was asking and talking about future (marriage). No it never go to the ring or anything like that. I never recieved anything gifts from him during the times we were dating. He never came out to see me either if those times. Only said he would and he would say that plans have changed. And everytime around my birthday he would get like 'cold' feet, like be really distant and just to a point wher ehe made me feel unwanted. I know his type is blonde and Im brunette. And everytime we would break up, he say he needed to "find himself" to "think things thru". Well he's done it sooo many times Im not believing him anymore. Around my birthday when I decided to give him another chance, he did the same thing. He thinks that I misunderstood him and that he's serious about me. And no he never sent me anything for birthday. I am not high matinance but at least a birthday card? He didn't text me for a week and now he acs like all is good.
I understand about breaks but I dont want to let him in anymore. He broke my heart too many times with this back and forth.
Reason why I brought the blonde thing up was because he said he wanted to see me how I looked blonde so he asked his friend to photoshop. I dont know if I dont have sense if humor but that ticked me off on top of everything else.
Is it wrong for me to not let him in?
And with gifts? Like weve been dating all together about 2yrs. Am I wanting too much? I am not the clingy type of girlfriend. Always gave him his space and now I feel bad that I dont want to give him another chance.


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  • I think you are wasting your time with him.

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