Guys, Would you get hurt and angry if?

You thought the girl you like had gossiped about you? I didn't gossip about thim though he just thinks I did... it's a misunderstanding.

I tried talking to him about this but he looked like he was mad at me and was being sarcastic. He's a shy guy by the way so do you think he would get even more hurt and angry?
I walked away thinking that maybe he just needs some space cause he looked like he was not in the mood to talk with me.


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  • Yes, my feelings would change and I'd be disappointed for even being attracted to her.
    Clear it up as soon as you can.

    • He's shy so its worse. You gotta talk to him.

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    • Oh I don't know what to do :(

      If he didn't want to talk to me at that moment how could I have forced him to talk to me? Wouldn't he get even more mad?

    • Thanks.
      Did you talk to him?

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  • Could be hurt if I'm misunderstood as I know girls love to banter that is now down to you to correct this misunderstanding. Answer mine -

  • well someone shares an exclusive side with you and give you vulnerability.

    if you expose them, they won't trust you if theyre smart.

    gossip is evil. no one seems to know this except educated christians or philosophers.

    gossip is stepping on someone to gain favoritism with the person you're gossiping to... at the cost of backstab and disloyalty.

    society and white knights tolerate too much evil/childish behaviours and wonder why women are evil and bitches full of themselves.

  • Id be furious

  • just because a shy guy seems like he's not in the mood to be talked to by a girl doesn't mean she should assume that she needs to walk away and give him space, shy guys want a girl to be forward and sweet to them.

    • Oh well I didn't know that :(

      I feel awful now... I'm pretty shy myself so it's hard for me to deal with him in these situations.

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