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Hey everyone!

Long story short, yesterday I scheduled a date with a girl at a local shopping mall. About a half hour before the meet up she told me to meet her in the food court... well I was not familiar with this mall and it turns out that this mall had 2 food courts. Anyhow I was late as I had gotten lost and was looking for her in the wrong food court. She sent me 2 angry text messages about how she was about to cancel, etc.

We did end up meeting and I bought her coffee as I felt bad (I always go Dutch on first dates). The date was ok... we had some deep conversations. She was displaying all the obvious signs... playing with jewelry, good eye contact, asking questions, etc.

Afterwards I sent her an apology text and she said it was all good and appreciated the time I took to meet her.

My friends however are saying that she sounds extremely self-entitled and that I should forget about her as she is a waste of time. I do agree with them... I have been on many dates and never experienced anything like this, however I would still be interested in pursuing something with her as it is rare to find someone on my education level.

Any feedback appreciated!


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  • Give her a chance and tell her from your point of view you don't know why she was so quick to get pissed about you being late but can she relax if she wants it to work.. kinda thing.

    • I understand where she's coming from but I feel that current behavior is a good predictor of long term behavior. I agree with you though

    • This is true, I think you know what you're doing... it's early days and you're looking for red flags, you obviously like her enough to give her a chance but if she blows it through being neurotic then there's plenty more fish in the sea.

    • All right cool, thanks dude

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  • she did overreact a little bit, but not enough to make me think that ur wasting ur time.
    try a second date, if the same thing happens, then run for the hills. it could've just been her way of dealing with what she thought was rejection.

    • All right. You could indeed be right. She came from a traditional Asian family and I could tell she was very shy/scared and probably inexperienced with men.

      I also got the sense that she's the type of girl who would cry for weeks after a break up. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but it does go in line what you said about perceived rejection.

  • I think she sounds normal lol


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