Guys, can girls on dating sites be broken down to girls that are overweight/ugly, cam girls/looking for insta followers, attention whores and bitches?

Been on their a year and im very good looking but i feel that the site only has girls that are either fat/ugly or beautiful girls that are either teasers, attention whores or looking for followers is this the same experience for everyone?

I only turnt to a dating site as i was lacking in confidence but as im pretty confident these days I get a lot of female attention in real life but suck when it comes to online dating or through social media!

Don't get me wrong im not bashing women i just fill these sites bring the worst of women to them either being desperate, have a past for cheating etc...

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  • Someone please do up a pie chart!

    I think those are the main categories but there should also be a small segment who are actually serious.