Is it complicated?

Okay so I have had a thing for my co worker for a while 7 to 8 months and now we are in July. She broke up with her boyfriend in late January and i told her i liked her a little later. We have been seeing each other since a couple of times a week, except this week is the first. We live about our lives understanding we aren't together because i prolly haven't asked the question yet. Is four months to early to ask her if she thinks its time we take it to the next level? From the look of it we are already there we kiss already she has met my family and comes over at times, i have met her family spent a weekend with her dad and her dads girlfriend my friends tell me you dont do that with rebounds or a booty call which makes sense i wouldn't take a girl that didn't matter to me to meet my parents, and yes we have had sex already. SO to me it seems like we both know but i think she is just waiting for me to have that talk i guess. Is it complicated or am i making this complicated?


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  • You're making it complicated. Just be upfront with her, I'm sure she would appreciated it. Girls hate it when guys beat around the bush.. when you tell her how you feel, and how you want the relationship to be like, she will warm up to you more.

    • doesn't matter if she just got out of a relationship? the way i see it she wouldn't be giving me her time knowing i like her without her thinking about it

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    • damn true wow thanks for making me see it that way!

    • No problem, I hope everything works out for you!

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  • You left out an important detail: what is the next step? I can guess but there is more than one possibility.

    • i guess to have that talk that im not playing games here and i see something and i like and the time we have spent have all been joyful to me. I mean if she just got out of a relationship i doubt she will be wanting to get in another one. I guess i need that where do you see this going talk, right?

    • I ask because some guys would say the next step is living together and some would say the next step is a marriage proposal. Maybe you should phrase the question to her like this: "I'm very happy with having you in my life and when I try to look in the future, I don't have a crystal ball but I'm hoping that we are still together and happy. I'm not trying to make anything happen on any time frame. I'm okay with things going at their own pace. But sometimes I get concerned that maybe I don't understand what you want or what you think about our relationship; maybe you just see this as a safe place to land on a temporary basis and you don't think about us in the future at all. I know you care about me enough that you don't want to hurt me needlessly, so I want you to know that this is how I feel so that you can tell me whatever you think about us and do whatever you think you should do."