Did guy I am dating pick his friends for me and if I ignore him will he feel bad?

We were dating a few weeks. On Wednesday he asked me when I am free I said the weekend. He said Saturday? I said yes. He said ok. He said or how about come to the casino with me and my friend Friday night (staying over) I said no only Saturday. He said ok.

He texted me Thursday and Friday. On Friday he said I am going to the casino with my friend tonight are you interested? I said no, tomorrow still works.

This morning he texted me that he will let me know when he comes back. He texted me at 825 PM said hi and sent me a news article. He often sends me interesting articles.

But, this was over two hours and he never told me when he is coming back. So basically he knew we had plans but he chose to go away with his friend overnight and didn't come back in time for us to go out.

I am really mad, and I feel like this is selfish. I am not going to reply to him until tomorrow evening-I made other plans, and I will tell him that.

Help? Do you think he will realize he was wrong?


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  • Course he will. Sounds like he was moody you wouldn't go Friday so he's not went Saturday

    • Well he hasn't asked to be my boyfriend and the reason I didn't go is because I want dates, not to have an overnight trip where he will try to have sex.

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    • so if i don't respond until tomorrow night and say i was out hell feel stupid? maybe apologize?

    • Leave him come to you

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