Guys, If he hasn't texted in a week, does it mean he's not interested?

I recently started seeing a guy, and we're both into each other. When we first met, he's the one that made a move on me first, then I made a move on him to show him that I was into him as well. Last week we saw each other, and he acted all couplely with me, cuddling me, kissing my cheek and hands, and putting his arm around me. After that, he kept asking to see me, but the timing wasn't right, so I had to keep telling him no. When I told him I wanted to be alone with him so I could him proper attention, and be comfortable with him, he told me that he's dating someone else unofficially, but would like to continue seeing me. He hasn't contacted me for a week. Is he trying to figure out how he feels about me?


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  • The fact he's 'dating someone unofficially' could have something to do with it. If he doesn't care about you enough to stop dating someone unofficially, yet still says he wants to see you.. I'm not quite sure why you'd still be interested in someone like that in the first place.

    • Well he started seeing her before I met him, and like I said when we first met he initiated, and I had no clue he was seeing someone else. Is it possible that he likes both of us?

    • It seems like he does, I definitely would say he's interested in you. I just think he needs to make his mind up though.

    • Thank you for insight. I appreciate the clear, and straightforward answer.

  • He told you he was seeing someone soo. And you kept saying no to plans, did you try initiating anything?

    • He told me after we hung out three times. I kept saying no because I genuinely was busy, when I tried to initiate something, and told him I couldn't wait to see him, and give him the proper attention that I was rejecting from him, he told me he wanted to be open and tell me he was seeing someone else, but didn't know what was going on cause that girl hasn't really been responsive to him.

    • Well if a girl kept sayng no, nope, no. I would start to lose interest. I dunno how he was asking but if he was asking are you free on ___ should have been when are you free? Anyway If this is going in terms of are you free __ no back and forth and you guys couldn't agree I don't know, you're free to send him a text if you're both being that quiet. He's dating other girls though so if you're not looking to just hook up ya might want to 'let him give himself his own special attention' lol.

    • Like I said he started seeing her before he met me, so I don't know if he wasn't expecting to like me or connect with me as much, or he just wanted to sleep with me when he asked to hang out, and just use me for sex.