How many of you girls always pretend to be busy for the first date suggestion?

And then swear to your blue in the face that you hate people that play games?

Ok let me make this a bit more clear. What I'm talking about is when a guy is trying to set up a time for a date. You pretend your busy the first date that he asks to show that your not desperate.


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  • If I dig a dude, I'm trying to be the first pretty thing in his face! I have found that so many people say that they hate when others play games but they act as if they don't play them as well. I had to learn about the games and I have given in and started playin em as well but still not to the extent others go to. I don't like lying so it makes it surreal for me and I can only make it appear that I do have things going on in my life that takes my time. But, I will not do it until it becomes necessary. We all tell little white lies here and But read the first line of my response, it tells the truth! Ty_lady!


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  • If I like the guy, I'll only say I'm busy if I actually am busy.

    If I'm not interested, I'll decline the invitation every time, not just the first time.

    • You do realize that some guys are going to think you're easy. And some women are going to think that your too easy as well. If you always are available anytime any guy calls you up for a date it means you have no life, or that you are placing more value on him than your own life, and he could be some psycho. If you pretend your busy on the first day and then he asks again on the second and you say yes, then you never have that problem.

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    • Yes, however how does he know your not available anytime? Its like this: suppose you actually are busy on friday, and then he says "ok how about saturday at 7?" and you say no, I'm actually busy then. and he says how about sunday at 8?" and you say no I'm actually doing something then too. and then he says "ok how about monday at 9?" he's going to look like a loser. The same thinking goes on in womens mind. And sometimes the only way to tell him that your not like that is to do that.

    • ...I'm not sure I really understand what you're saying here.

      But if I really wanted to date the guy and I was genuinely super busy, I'd apologize for being so unavailable and suggest an alternate time rather than just turning him down over and over, no explanation given.

      Also, if he's the kind of guy who's going to play mind games like this, then I wouldn't be too broken up about losing the chance. It's tiring and juvenile.

  • I would never do that. If someone asks and I'm interessted I'll say yes, maybe play about for a bit amd flirt a little, but say yes after a while (and I'm talking like a minute, not days or anything). If I didn't like them I would just say I appreciate that you asked and I know it took a lot for you to work up the confidence but I'd rather not. Other possibility, it's some d*** who thinks he can gat any girl he wants, I'd just be like straight out no

    • Im talking about a guy who already has your number, calls you up and tries to set up a date for friday, you say no because you don't want to appear desperate. But you say yes to saturday.

    • I don't get that, if you're gonna say yes and your available, just say yes, I don't think it's a big deal

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