I've told her I'm not experienced?

So me and this girl have been chatting and it's got really flirty and sex orientated. We've talked a lot about it and I think it will happen. She mentioned it's been a while. Which made me nervous because I got the impression she thought I was experienced. Anyway so I told her, it would be like my first time,, I'm as good as a virgin, but I didn't tell her that, I said im not experienced and it would be like my first time and I'd be rubbish.
she's now gone quiet, it's been over a day :/
should I have told her? I wanted to be honest with her


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  • Well don't say "This is practically my first time. I suck." -_- There's nothing wrong with being sexually inexperienced because some people who are sexually experienced still suck and listening to a college lecture is more thrilling than being underneath them. If you're a bad learner who only focuses on yourself then you probably give sucky sex.

    Next time, just jump right into the experience with confidence, passion, and whatever knowledge/tips/tricks/skills you have! There's nothing wrong with being inexperienced but you can't share that with every female because some females are selfish lovers who kinda view guys as a talking dildo with a heartbeat; they just want your convo and orgasms. That's it. So those girls will get turned off by the idea of a guy who's not just going to come prepared to dick her down good.


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  • you did good by being honest. if its not meant to be then it won't, so dont worry


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  • If she lose her interest because of it, she is a fucker seeking bitch. I think it is a good test to tell her that.

    • "a fucker seeking bitch" lol, that's a new one 😂

    • @StarryNights Yet surprisingly accurate! :D

    • @StarryNights but, isn't this true? She may find a toy to satisfy herself instead of an inexperienced guy.

  • Yeah tell her about it. Be truthful

  • Good on you for being honest! And if she's lost interest because of that then she's not worth it