Why do I attract horrible men?

I got out of a long term relationship over 2 years ago. It was extremely toxic and made me really bitter and bias towards love. During the time I was single I learned to love myself again and find my happiness. Fast coward to now... A few months back I meet a guy who I thought was amazing. We had so much in common, on paper he was exactly what I wanted. I fell for him something I thought I'd never do again especially after the number my ex did on me. We talked every day, I spent time at him home... Then we played a romantic mini getaway, everything went perfect. We slept together and everything seemed to be great. He even changed his relationship status tagged me, put up photos of us. When we got back the next morning he called me like he did every morning said he loved me. Then a few hours later I realize he blocked me on everything. When I called to ask him what happened it went straight to voicemail yet when my friend called it rang for her. I still never got an explanation and I'm really confused why he did that.

I was very taken back because I'm gorgeous, intelligent, successful, and humble. I could easily have my pick and I'm told this by dozens of men. I'm very introverted unless I like someone. He constantly made comments like "you're too beautiful for me" "I can't believe someone that looks like you is with someone like me" "girls that look like you don't like guys like me" I tried to reassure as best as I could.


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  • He never loved you he was just using you for sex. The whole I love you and the social media was just temporary so you would feel that he was serious and have sex with him. The whole "youre too beautiful for me" was a lie, it isn't how he really feels, he just thinks that would be a good way to manipulate you, as you seem like a nurturing person. There are guys out there who feel like that, but he just lied to get you to have sex. He is a doucebag! Guys like that give the rest of us a bad name.

    If he ever contacts you again ignore him, he WILL do it to you all over again!

    • Thanks for this. Not for nothing but I'm drop dead gorgeous to be honest he definitely did not match up looks wise but I don't look at that. I dated a pretty boy and wanted someone who I vibes with who had my same interest who was a complete nerd like me... Found out later he lie about it all. Even why him and his ex broke up. I'm glad I got some other perspectives on it. Thanks again

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  • I feel the same way you do, I only attract assholes, and yeah everything might seem perfect at the beginning but then they turn into the most horrible people, I'm sorry this happened to you, the worse thing is when they just disappear and you don't know why they just walked away, and for me at least, it's harder to move on


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  • You really got sucked into his words. You opened up too quickly.