Ran into an old online crush at the bar and it was awkward but I still like her?

I originally meet her a few years back , had randomly saw her on facebook and added her , and for a time we did communicate with each other and did chat regularly but we never actually meet or dated back then. I had a real thing for her and totally wanted to be with her , she's rather stunning girl who had been a highly successful figure skater and really good looking with a friendly personality , she's in her late 20's now but still very attractive , I also saw online she's now a fitness trainer and figure skater teacher. she did have a boyfriend for a bit after we first meet but they have since broke up.

last night I randomly ran into her at a bar I go to , I realised it was her rate away but didn't know what to say as we had never actually meet which is weird cause we live in same area , so of course when I did talk to her it was rather awkward and she didn't seem to know how I knew her then later on I think she did remember me and got a little freaked out

I still really like her and knowing she still lives nearby and is single makes it all very tempting , but some time has past since we first meet and maybe she felt it was weird I still had an interest in her? I still have her email although don't have a facebook anymore , I want to try and contact her , maybe apologise for awkwardness at bar and genuinely try and reach out to her and see if we can reconnect and get to know each other again?


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  • Well, give it a try. Attempt to contact her. Who knows? Maybe she will reply.

    • I figured I'd sleep on it as email wasn't ready yet , now I'm just unsure about the whole thing , it had been so long since we first meet

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  • Sure, shoot her an email. Explain how you first met her and explain how you feel and tell her that is why you were awkward with her the other night. Tell her you would love to get to know her better and ask her if she would be interested in getting a drink or some dinner sometime. This puts the ball in her court.

    • kind of what I was thinking too , trying to write an email rate now , first one too long and confusing , second one more to the point.

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    • I'm pretty sure she'd remember me from Saturday night , she was with her sister and 2 gf's , I don't think many other guys if any talked to them and she didn't appear drunk she's not really the type

    • going to close question , nothing from her yet , maybe it went to junk mail? maybe she was freaked out I have no clue? she used to always reply when I instant messaged her years ago , other girls would ignore me but she always replied so left confused

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