He tells me not to like him but acts like he's my boyfriend?

So I met this guy a couple of weeks ago and we kissed, once and then we kind of started to act like bestfriends but stil the flirting etc. He kissed another girl at a party once and I moved on from that but the thing is that.. He acts like we're a couple. He says he wanna take me out, he grabs me in school and get's an excuse to talk to me and then we end up talking about everything from childhood to future to yeah everything on our minds and if I talk to a guy he always steps in he lifts me up in front of everyone and says " we're going home now, bye" and no we haven't had sex !

He's Latino so he's very yeah.. We were at the hot tub and I was sitting on the other side from him and he constantly came over to me and we flirted and we just acted as if we've known each other for years. So at a party a couple days ago a friend of his was jokingly saying " And everyone, this is my girlfriend Julia" and the guy got so fucking pissed of at both me and the guy.. He pulled me away from the party and said that he couldn't have a serious relationship right now, tha the wanted to have fun, that I shouldn't like him at all and then afterwards he goes back to behaving like a overprotective boyfriend and he kind of realized he fucked up later because he tried to make me stay at the party and the next morning he was texting me nonstop to meet up because he wanted to talk to me. He said he was sorry and that he's scared that if I do like him, he's gonna fuck it up or something's gonna happen and I'll eventually hate him.. He knows that I like him, he always knew that..

So, why is he doing that? Should I let him go or not? Becuase he tried to make me jealous everytime we meet with other people at a party..


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  • your both insecure is what the real problem is. he just wants to fool around it seems, or wants a girlfriend but doesn't want to end up being screwed over with some slut girl or whatever and or with a girl who doesn't know what she wants, and sorry to say that seems to fit the bill on your personality, so i suggest figuring out what you want and go for it and not be thinking someone else is going to hand it to you.

    • I'm sorry but that was the most off point answer i've ever heard of... My personality? I don't fuck around with guys. I don't just find a guy and kiss him , i did it because i like him. And I do know what I want, i'm not confused about that, that's not my question, my question is him, not my motives. Because all I want is him but not fuck and dump, i want him in every way i can get. And think someone else is going to hand it to me? I never did that and i will never start now.

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    • Okay.. Yeah I'll try. He knows I'm not someone to just hookup with, I'm not that type of girl so yeah.. I'll fight for him then :)

    • very good.

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  • He sounds controlling and manipulative. Plus, he has no issue talking or kissing other girls, yet he expects you to be faithful to him.

    • He is not really controlling. But yeah but at the same time, we are not together