Girls, A crazy scenario, ladies this question applies to you, will you hear me out please?

Okay, soo there's this girl I like, she works at Carl's Jr. I wanna get her name and number but in all honesty I'm a little shy. She's had my attention for a long time now but I'm afraid to approach and when I do find The strength to approach I get nervous and I say to myself...

(she probably thinks I'm ugly as hell anyway😒)

And nd I always manage to convince myself to walk out empty handed and feelin sad, stupid, defeated, weak, small, obsolete, insignificant, and many more words that describe my defeat. My question is...

put it yourselves in this girls shoes, TRY TO IMAGINE it was (YOU) that worked at that fast food restaurant and you kept seeing me come in to eat ever so often. I would glance at you but I never stared at you like a creep
or something you just saw me glancing every once in a while. What would you think or do? Would you assume I liked you? Would you think I was a creep? Would approach me? Would you continue to wait until I finally approached you?
im just trying to get a woman's prospective on the situation...

(😌🙈sorry ry I can't show you my face, I'm kind of a known guy here and there's people I don't want to know how shy I am in real life.)


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  • If I liked him, I'd try to give him subtle signs like smiling towards him or finding excuses to talk to him. If I didn't like him, his behaviour would make me feel uncomfortable and I would try to avoid him.

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