Do u think this is selfish and inconsiderate of my friend? Do u think she needs to apologize?

I was at my friend's party and I was hitting on of her guy friends who was rumored to like my friend but my friend liked another guy friend that was gay. Anyways I was hitting on his hard core at her party last August and everyone even her knew I was interested in him. Anyways I left the party with no way to contact him and we did not talk until May when he offered to borrow his comicon ticket for a day ad this was my first time going. So I go to my friend's house to spend the night and go to comicon with her and her other friends. Then, I found out the bitch (my friend) and the guy I liked were dating cuz one of her other friend's told me. My friend did not tell me that they had been dating since November cuz the gay guy wanted to get my friend to stop liking him so he set them up and my friend did not even like the guy I was hitting on but went along with it. Then, I asked if they fucked and he refused to answer the question so I began to suspect they did fuck. So my of her friend decided to help me get the truth that she did fuck him by asking her to tell me the truth. My friend was no even woman enough to tell me that they fucked and even that they were dating knowing how I felt about him. I just wanted the truth from my friend I have know for 8 years.


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  • You lost out, it sucks but that's the way it is. You should keep better company.

    • Yes I know it is sad but hey I can now have mess with hotter men cuz I would have been dating him if this did not happen. I just feel that she should have told me herself not have her friend tell me. I would have told her that I was dating him and that we fucked if I were in her shoes the moment she asked. I am an honest person that does not keep secrets from her friends. I have no talked to her since then cuz I do not consider her a friend.

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    • Thanks for mh!

    • LOL. Yes. Thanks. Now i know how fucked up she is. I still think tbh she should have apologized. That was fucked up

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  • Your friend sounds like a shitty person. As soon as she found out you were interested in him, she decided to fuck him. I think you need better friends.


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  • You should have got his number, a lot can happen between August and May.