Girls, Is she interested or not?

Ok 1 year ago me and a girl caught the train and seen each other everyday - instant attraction, staring at each other , smiling to ourselves , mirroring my actions etc. If her friends was to always talk to her she would still glance. So I caught it less frequent like every 2 weeks. She would sit staring at the ground and when I get on she would look happy? . So 2 weeks later I sat opposite her she was holding these flowers to her chest sat down. Looking at me and the floor back and forth with a slight smile. So 3 weeks after I get on as ticket warden went past she shoved her travel card in my face as it has name on it. So another 3 months she started intimating talk. Like purposely walking past smiling , blushing saying hi. Happened 3 times. I came back to make my move 2 months later to find she got a new boyfriend. So she saw me waiting for the train. Went red , embarrassed. Acted like he wasn't her boyfriend. So I knew I confused her? So I decided to not add her on fb I commented on her picture saying hey you look nice. I seen her the day after on the train and as I walked upto the stop she smiled hugely and stopped when her boyfriend walked up he noticed what she was smiling at and tried to talk to me I walked off to the other platform and he appeared as did she on the same one. He faced the opposite way she turned towards me. Stared into my eyes with a huge smile , biting lips etc. Turned away 7 seconds later. Her boyfriend didn't know she did it. So I got off early to avoid him he couldn't talk to me so I received a message from her saying her boyfriend is aware and just because I seen her on occasion don't mean I can approach etc. So her bed seen me 20 mins later and asked if I was * I said no. She stood behind him with a massive smile again then he made her block me. So I left it at that for two days then sent her an apology Mail on LinkedIn. Saying sorry. Was meaning to introduce myself as I thought she was beautiful and noticed the occurances. Check update

And I hope in the future we may get to know each other if she wants to. Then I said see you around sometime and that I don't expect a response. So after her having a professional photo on LinkedIn as its for her work she instantly changed it to a casual one of her smiling ( looked familiar ) lol. She hasn't blocked me. But it has left me really confused by it all? So what dog oh girls think of the whole situation what do her m actions mean? Help is appreciated lol


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  • You're wasting your time, dude.

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