Is this friends with benefits becoming more?

So first off me and this guy briefly dated 3 years ago but I was 18 and we both had different outlooks on life, I focused on my future at the time and he was 21 and wanted to party and had no thought towards anything, I found it a distraction and ended it. We did try again but it failed.

So years later, two weeks ago he contacted me and began apologising for everything and how he was to me, he's now working towards his future and he said he never forgot me after all these years. I noticed him flirting and honestly, I had just came out of a long relationship that had broken my heart, he had just came out of one too, so I was the one who initiated friends with benefits.

We now talk every single day from morning until night, he will text me every morning, we are telling each other pretty much everything, we cuddle a lot and just have a laugh and chill around each other. Now he's asking me to stay over constantly which really I'm not comfortable with because to me waking up next to somebody is a relationship thing. Because we did previously like each other I'm also trying to keep my distance to avoid feelings (I know 100% we would never work out.) Does it sound like he's starting to have feelings?


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  • No just better access to your pussy. If you know it'll go nowhere then why are you wasting your time?


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  • It's not becoming more. You should not fool yourself.

    • I don't want it to become anything more, I was just curious. Thank you for responding!