What does he really feel?

I dated a guy for like 2 months and he ended it all because he decided he wasn't ready for anything serious, he felt like he was gonna screw it all up at some point. Now when we see each other at parties it all gets so weird cause he tells me he just wants to be friends but at the end of the night he ends up coming to me, teasing me in a really playful way and finally we end up kissing. I've pushed him away on multiple times because i don't want him to think that he can do whatever he wants with me whenever he wants to but i haven't been able to avoid the kissing part. I honestly don't know what's on his mind because he dances and stuff with other girls in front of me and I know he's doing that to make me jealous cause while he's doing that, he looks at me all the time. I must say he's a player but when we were together he really cared about me and he still does so we have a good relationship now. I know I should stop all of this but I'm just curious to know why he's always coming back to me if he can get all the girls that he wants and if he's always telling me he just wants to be friends. Why do you all think that he keeps giving me all those mixed signals? P. s: He's usually drunk when that happens. P. s 2: His friends have told me that he won't admit it but they believe I'm kind of his "weakness".


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  • Weakness or not he's messing with your emotions tell him never to come near you again and find a man who won't leave you hanging like that.

  • He wants sex from you. That's all.