Does my guy bestfriend secretly like me?

So I've liked my guy bestfriend for 4 years now. I always assumed he didn't like me back because in my opinion he's a 9 and im a 7. We have a lot of the same interests. I honestly think were perfect for eachother. he's been snapchatting me a lot lately. But then he started asking for sex and booty pics and stuff so im confused. My friend told me to have sex with him so he'll fall for me but i think thats stupid. I just really like him. And i feel like he likes me


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  • Honestly, I think he is just trying to use you. He likes your BODY sure! That much is obvious..

    Tbh, I truly believe he knows you like him, and the '' My friend told me to have sex with him he'll fall for me but I think that's stupid.'' is him manipulating your feelings for him so he can have sex with you.

    • they've been friends for 4 years I don't think he just likes her body otherwise his dedication to the long game is olympic level gold.

    • @Josht13 yeah, true, but. We don't know their whole situation, maybe he's had a thing for her this whole time, never acted on it. Maybe he was with anther girl, or girls during that time, or just a lack of confidence.

      I was slow at that age when it came to women lol, I couldn't decipher any signals.

    • @Josht13 It was the ''You need to have sex with me so I'll fall for you line.'' or whatever that makes me think this.

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  • Wow you have a horrible friend. Don't ever sleep with a guy and expect them to fall for you. They'll more then likely use you as a booty call afterwards. He's sounds like a fuckboy anyways. You deserve better. Good luck!

    • update: So i was talking to him and he just randomly brought up how he's talking to a girl but he added that its not like serious talking. but i dont him to screw off. I've waited 4 years to be with you and you're gonna try to get stuff from me while you're talking to someone

    • Oh no no no no. You see what he's doing there? He just trying to gain your trust cause he see that you're not easy. I can't imagine being in your situation. Liking a guy for 4 years and he turns out to be a horrible person. Wow I'd be so broken. Stay strong!

  • you're friend is an idiot. Yes he may like you but there's really no way to know until you and he talk.

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