My girlfriend is not cleaning or putting effort to move foward in her career should I stay and try to keep working or just leave and find someone new?

I've been with my girlfriend for about 3 years now, we both have done things we regret and we got over them, I used to live with her and her family when I moved to her state and now I moved out and I have my own place, she still lives with her family. She has a job, got a minor degree from school just for her job and a few certificatons however when I moved in with her she became lazy.

She doesn't really cook, always saids she's hungry when she at her house and doesn't take the time to go see what there is to cook, I end up cooking most of the time. She doesn't clean her room, I end up cleaning it for her or her mom. She doesn't do her laundry, countless times her mom ends up doing it for her and the clean clothes are stacked just end up falling on the floor and repeat process if she does wash her clothes she might finish 1 load and quit on the second. I don't like going to her house anymore because her room is dusty, and unkept with an unmade bed, clothes all over the floor, bowls, plates, and sliverware all over the dresser or beside the bed, empty bottles and when I stayed with her I cleaned it most of the time and only times she cleaned it was when I was mad that I had to live in a filthy room.

Now I am gone she just goes to work and on her off days she saids "she just wants to relax" and she sleeps or lays around her house on or phone or lays on my bed at my place most of the time, sleeping most of her free days away or on her phone watching youtube or facebook or snapchat. I've told her that I really dont see us moving in together because she doesn't clean like I do. Hell she even complains that she needs a better job but instead of simply doing a job application or filling some out one day, she just lays around, but when she needs to go to work she's never late and doesn't hesitate to get ready for work but saids she needs a new job.

Should I just leave her and find someone who actually puts in effort keeping the home clean because I am out of ideas.


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  • Do you clean and cook as well? Or do you expect her to do everything in the house?

    • based off what he says, it sounds like he does a majority of the cooking and cleaning

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  • Yes, get rid.

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