Guys, Why would a guy kiss a girl if he has a gf? Is it considered as cheating?

I met a guy, he is a friend of my friend's friends, they all are visiting my city for a couple of weeks. We went clubbing and had some drinks and we make out (he started kissing me) but I didn't know he has a girlfriend backhome. I was told that by one of my girlfriends who told me that she thinks the guy has a girlfriend because she heard that one of his friends were asking him what would happened with his girlfriend... I was just curious why do men do that?

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  • Any intimate contact with someone is cheating, discounting when it's a cultural norm to do so.

  • The feeling of something new? Why get a new car if you already have that works. If you are available, some men will take advantage.

    • sorry but what you mean with available? I think that wasn't my question... because first, I'm not the type of girl who throws herlself to guys... second, I'm actually shy and third, everyone should take responsability of their actions and because I'm a women I shouldn't had to be seen different just because I kissed a guy who is not my boyfriend and guys do that all the time, that's sexist. I was trying to ask why guys go kissing another person if they are on a relationship?