Girls, would you care if a 22 years guy was a virgin? And should I just loss it with who ever or should I wait for someone special?

So I'm transferring to university of Florida in to the business program for business management. I never had a girlfriend of any kind at all or even kissed a girl sadly. Iam not bad looking and I've had girls like me before but always been busy with working in family business and school all the time, so I blow them off. Also, not a big fan on going on dates which never goes perfect for me making me give it up or waste my time. Never would have time for a girlfriend but at the same time being a virgin it wouldn't feel right to hooking up either. I've never felt how it is to be loved by another girl. With parents giving me 9 years before making me CEO of our insurance agency and them retiring... it puts a lot of pressure on me but at the same time its my dream to run family business and make it much larger. But now that I'm moving from all that, I'm not going to be working at all and will be study in UF. Maybe giving me a chance to hangout and meet new people. Now don't know if I should get a girlfriend my last two years of college or have fun... my parents got me a huge killer apartment for my self three block from the UF football Stadium and more... not going to lie my parents have a lot of money but I'm no better then no one else I treat everyone equal. All I want to do is have fun but should I have a girlfriend or have a lot of friends that are girls? I'm 21 almost 22 but I have many hobbies from going on boats, paintballing, shooting my guns, flying planes, offroading and more. So I'm not a boring person. Lol


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  • You're going to UF? Okay you're going to get it. I was a virgin until age 20 when I got fed up of waiting for a perfect circumstance and ASKED a guy to take my virginity. You're going to be fine! Everyone has different stories. Sometimes life cockblocks you for different periods of time. I'm cockblocked right now, seeing as I haven't met anyone else I want to be with, and am staying with my parents this summer. You're starting a new chapter this year. Maybe find a solid group of guy friends who can introduce you to girls. You seem chill

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