Hasn't said I love you after almost 9 months?

my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 9 months and I find it strange he sell hasn't said I love you or I'm in love with you nothing like that at all. Should I bring it up to him or what do I do?


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  • You could tell him "I love you" gently and see how he reacts. Many guys probably won't be the first to say it unless they're very romantic (maybe somewhat naive) types.

    It's because they're usually the ones pursuing the girl and "I love you" without knowing for sure the feeling is mutual can really backfire big time and repel the girl away.

    Plus it's a bit awkward for guys to say this in general. I prefer "I love your boobs, I love your ass", that kind of thing.


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  • Don't push him or ask him anything. It's clear he is already in love with you, but does he LOVE you. In love and love are two very different things. In love refers to lust, infatuation, crushes, etc. In other words a feeling. Love is something that you do. An action. He hugs you, cuddles you, kisses you and make you feel loved in general. However when it comes to actually giving his heart to you is a different story. Men don't want to just give his heart out to just anyone. Because she may end up hurting him, breaking his heart, and if he became sexually active with you and the relationship fails, it will crush him to the point he is NEVER going to do that with another girl again. Until he is absolutely sure she isn't like you, his other ex's if any, and she proven herself trustworthy of that. But if you two already started having sex and he never said anything: That's bad. That means he was in it for the sex and that's it. And if you don't show him a reason why he should say those precious three words, forget it.

    • Generally agree but disagree a tad with the distinction of "in love" and "love". I'd consider it impossible to be "in love" and not "love" a girl. It is possible for me to "love" a girl and not be "in love". If there's passionate desire without caring for a girl, I'd simply call it "in lust".

    • Might just be semantics but when I'm "in love" with a girl (as I'd call it), she becomes the only thing I want in life, and naturally I would care about her more than anyone else in the world. It's the peak of love and passion to me. It doesn't last forever, but what's left behind is usually "love", the endearing kind. I cannot imagine being "in love" with a girl I don't "love".

      Another thing is cuddling and kissing for me is something I can do with anyone. I don't need to care about a girl to do that, since I love cuddling and non-sexual kissing with any girl who lets me do it. Very intimate sex, on the other hand, is something I can only do with a girl I love.

    • (Raunchy sex I can do with any girl since I don't require love to do it, as with cuddling and gentle kissing. Intimate sex requires a connection for me.)

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  • Leave it and don't force the issue. He'll eventually say it when he feels like it's the right time or place to say it

  • he's probably just not being vocal bout it..


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