Is he interested at all or just being genuine?

Guys, I need your opinion, really confused about this guy that I like. And want to know if he feels the same way?

So I met this guy earlier this year when I was going through the loss of my mom. She passed away right before new years eve and so when I met him, I wasn't emotionally ready/available. He has been kind enough to hang out with me on evenings where I'd miss her, allow me to sing my heart out and have control of the aux of his car (yes Justin Bieber may have been playing lol), share his blanket with me while watching movies, our conversations flow well and other times he'd allow me to sleep in his bed while he sleeps on the couch. There was an instance where we were just watching movies and I had the sudden crave for McDonalds fries, he drove me up there past 3AM just to get my fix. He is such a nice guy but I'm bad at dating and don't know if he likes me since he's never said it?

Please help?


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  • He is interested in you.


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