Girls, to late , what do I do now?

Me and a girl a crush for roughly 12 months. Never spoke really but we instantly started staring, glancing , mirroring my actions , looking sad if I don't approach , then as time got on she would start huffing and puffing behind me. Or looking sad if I wouldn't get on the train then if I got on she would look suprised and happy. when the ticket guy came she shoved her travel card with her name in my face. As I got less frequent I noticed that once I sat opposite her and she kept looking at me in cute ways like holding flowers to her chest sitting down on her own switching her glance to me and the floor. So I disappeared and she started purposely walking past me? Like at first I didn't notice but everytime she saw me as I disappeared she would check hair , make up , perfume walk past smile. Each time she saw me to a point were she walked past and said hi and blushes badly. All because I disappeared off the train for months. So I came back to make my move after finally getting the hint. Seen her with anew boyfriend. She looked embarrassed and anxious and distant with him. So I thought ok let's not add her on Facebook and comment on her photo ( hey, you look nice). So at that point she didn't respond or block me. The next day I walked upto the strain stop and she stared at me with a huge smile and her boyfriend caught her and instantly tried to walk over to me. I avoided got on a different carriage. He got into the same one. Now he faced the other way and she stood I front of me with a huge smile , wide pupils, like she was trying to say something. Then avoided as he turned back around. So I got off early as he was looking at me sadly. So then she sent a message saying. Just because I seen her doesn't mean I can approach or make her uncomfortable and that her bed is aware. Then I got on the next train went to my supermarket he came upto me asked if I was * I said no he said ok I'll leave it then I said ok See next

So she stood behind him with a huge smile again. Then blocked me after he walked away? So I left it for two days and messaged her via LinkedIn and said sorry , was meaning to speak with you for a while but couldn't as I was kind of nervous and couldn't get the train as I was working 100 hours a week. And that I hope in the future we may get to know each other - see you around. She hasn't blocked me. She changed her photo immediately as if she was embarrassed. So now I'm confused?


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  • She has a boyfriend. Get over it.