Why is he ignoring me?

My ex boyfriend wants to get back together with me since I'm single I do attract male attention which he is aware of. When he found out other guys were hitting on me he said "no point in waiting for you if you have other guys" and how "he will survive either way". Although, I made it clear that I had no interest in them he's been ignoring me, why? What should I do?


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  • he's trying to move on


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  • Sounds like he is immature and doesn't know what he wants to begin with. If the only reason why he wants you back is because you are getting a lot of attention from other guys, then it won't last.

    He is probably ignoring you just because he is insecure and doesn't know what he wants.

    Prolly best to just drop him and find yourself a lad that will treat you like a queen.

    • He wants to get back with me because he said he isn't over me. I haven't been with him for four months but he's making it difficult and I may as well find someone else, thank you