How can I not be jealous of my friend?

This summer my friend is going to have her first kiss (it's obvious because she's going on dates with this guy she likes and he likes her). She's 16 turning 17 and I'm 17 and a half yet I haven't gotten my first kiss or been on a date. I wanna be happy instead of jealous, but i feel like it's not fair because she's gets everything she wants. I feel like I'm running out of time or something. Please help!


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  • just be chill about it, i didn't get my first "real" his until i was 18 and in university and honestly i'm happy about that because it was with my current boyfriend who i am in a committed relationship with and it was perfect. my best friend got her first boyfriend and kiss in high school before me but they broke up quickly and she hasn't been able to find a new guy since so in the end it really doesn't matter. just enjoy being a teen without many responsibilities while you can and don't sweat it, you may end up on top in the end. plus high school boys are all gross anyway


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  • It isn't a race, I didn't have mine until I was 17 and frankly, it isn't some kind of medal you get to pin to your sweater. Sure, it's sweet and all, but if you just want it for the sake of saying you've had it... it loses it's value and you're more likely to be disappointed.

  • Your time will come!