Is there such a thing when a guy confessed to stop himself from falling further?

We are friends. He talks to me often, very caring and nice. One day he said his feelings just coz he wants to let it out and nothing more. I asked what he wants and he said nothing, he isn't ready to be in a relationship. If he is, he said he would pursue me. If a guy said let's see where this relationship will lead... He wants to stay friends. i find it hard to believe his confession is serious but he said he mean it. Is he serious or just fooling around?


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  • "I'm not ready" means "I'm not interested unless you only want to fuck" and you'll never fuck him enough to get him to love you

    • I'm not gonna fcuk him tho. Thank you for your comment!

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  • He is only interested in hooking up with you.

    • That sucks.
      Thanks for the comment!