Why does this girl I'm talking to off OkCupid keep checking out my profile after texting?

So there's this girl I'm talking to off OkCupid that I'm most interested in out of all the girls I'm talking to as she's the most attractive and has the most in common with me.

The weird thing is. She'll respond to texts but hardly to do anything to further the conversation yet she looks at my profile every other day as she shows up in my visitors section. Why do you think that is?

Having said that, I don't check her profile at all considering were already texting as I don't wanna come off overly interested or obsessed.


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  • Its really funny that you posted this actually, because I have been recently doing this to a guy i met on OkCupid (I'm sure you're not him, he's younger than what your profile says). But anyway, we've been texting for about 2 weeks and we've been on two dates, yet I've still checked his dating profile multiple times since we started talking (maybe 4 or 5 times?). I dont know why the girl you're talking to is doing it, but i can tell you why i have done it.

    First I did it because I wanted to see all his pictures again. I was trying to decide if i was attracted to him enough or not. I checked at least twice for that reason alone. I checked both before and after our first date for that reason.

    After we went on our first date and it went well, i looked at his profile again because i wanted to read through some of the questions he had answered. I was curious so i read through some of the sex and dating questions to see his thoughts on some things.

    A couple times i went back and checked because i was curious if he was still active on the site (it is fine if he is, we aren't monogamous or anything. it was just my curiosity). And i saw something that i thought was odd, on the night we had our first date he logged on to OKCupid within less than 10 minutes of us saying goodbye. I was wondering if maybe he went back to look at my profile again too that night. Or maybe he was just chatting up other girls, ill never know! 😂

    To be honest, im tempted to go look at his profile some more, but im going to restrain myself! 😂 I have checked his profile so much because i dont think he can tell that im looking. I changed the settings on my profile so that people can't see when i visit, and in turn i unfortunately can't see my visitors either. And i really hope those settings work the way i think they do, because ill be really embaressed if he knows how many times I've visited his profile! 😂

    Anyway, i dont know if this helps you see the "logic" in the female mind or not, but its possible the girl in your situation looks at your profile so often for one or more of the same reasons i mentioned. I at least think she must still be (at least a little bit) interested. If she had already ruled you out she wouldn't keep looking like that.

    • Interesting. I haven't met the girl yet but I could see that. I was just getting mixed signals because it seemed like she wasn't doing much to further the conversation but would respond and when I asked her out she said she's not sure about this week but would get back to me and said she'll let me know if she's free on Wednesday. Yet she looked at my profile after this discussion.

      Not to sound needy by any means, but I definitely have the most in common with her compared to the others I'm talking to while keeping my options open if that makes sense.

  • She wants to check up on you. Maybe to see if there were any changes or anything

    • Do you think she still might be interested?

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