Girls, Im 30 and single. How can I get a girlfriend and where can I most likely meet women who are open to being approached and asked out?

I've tried the pool, grocery stores, bars, concerts, and events. So far, the pool and bars are yielded the most success but nothing resulted in a relationship. I need feedback, advice, and help fixing this because im a late bloomer and a lot of the good ones are taken, getting married, married, or say they dont want relationships.


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  • Well it's hard to give feedback without knowing anything about you.

    Looks, would be what first comes to mind. Are you in good shape? Dress well? Look well groomed in general?

    The how you approach will have a massive effect on how successful you are but without knowing what you do, no one will be able to give feedback

    Yes a lot of good girls will taken at your age but a lot of girls also don't mind dating 7 or even 10 years older, so it's not something I'd worried about just yet

    • Im 6'3", weigh 205 lbs, play beach volleyball on 2 summer leagues, play basketball, like Ohio State college football, Green Bay Packers, run every other day, work out 5 days/wk, and work in manufacturing.

  • Volunteer groups! Great way to meet single girls and do some good in the world