Does he like me? or does he want to be just friends?

so recently I've been crushing on this guy, let's call him "adam"
we both work at the same place and at first i thought he was really annoying for no reason, then one day i noticed something different about adam. i developed a crush on him. he would playfully flirt with me and me being single for a very long time (lets say 6+years) i had no idea how to feel about it because, yes it would be awesome if he liked me... but i know it'd be too good to be true. I got enough courage to ask him to hang out, but he claimed the day of he had car problems and his phone died. at work though he's back to playfully flirting with me like normal, and wanting to buy me food/a drink (which he's done a few times even lent me his card to buy food) and i'm so confused. the second time i asked to hang out he got sick suddenly. so i gave up asking to hangout because i felt he shut me down 2 times. what do you guys think? :(


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  • Ask him

    • one of my friends tossed the question to him. and he said he won't date employees. but a few weeks after my boss pulled me aside and told me he thought i was really pretty. but... he rarely ever responds to my texts.

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  • Sounds like the guy just wants to have fun with flirting with you. I mean you can use this opportunity to sharpen your flirting skills if you want but I don't think he wants to move his friendship to the next level. If he does; watch out because he might just want sex.

    • yeah he is the party type and I'm not. we are like complete opposites.