I just dont want to panic for no reason? 😣 ?

Alright so I've been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. We both met at work and we still work together. There were a few new people hired at work recently and there's this one girl she seems pretty cool. Now im assuming she knows that we are together but i can't be 100% sure because we dont really show that we are because you have to keep it professional at work. A few times i have seen him texting her outside of work and talking to her during work. He doesn't smile at her like he does when we talk so ill give him that. Also, i do talk to a lot of the guys at work and we all mess with eachother. thats just my personality, i get along better with guys then girls. But, i dont talk to any of them outside of work. I dont know if he sees that and is trying to get back at me or what. He never really texted girls ever before this or has any close friends that are girls. I have a lot of close guy friends from before i met him and I still keep in touch with them but he goes through my texts anyway so im not hiding anything from him. I am also going away to school in less then a month, am I just panicking because of that or should i say something to him?


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  • i think you should try not to overreact. as someone who has relationships with guys that are platonic try to understand that he may simply have a platonic relationship wtih this girl.


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  • I don't think you have to be that worried. At my old job I had a bunch of guy friends, some of which had girlfriends but I was definitely only friends with them. I think it's fun to be good friends with your coworkers, it makes work more enjoyable. If he starts talking to her more than you, it might be cause for concern. But do you think you're going to stay together once you move away anyway?

    • I dont think he talks to her more then me but i will keep a look out for that. I am hoping we do, im only going to be an hour away so not that far. H8s last serious relationship ended because the girl went away to school and he stayed home for school. so maybe he's getting nervous it might happen again and is just getting this girl close to use as a back up just incase? (back-up is not the word im looking for haha can't think of it)

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  • if you think he's being overly friendly, talk to him about it

    • whats the best way to bring it up without making him think im assuming he's doing something bad?

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