When ever I text my boyfriend a heart, he texts back with a winky face.. Why?

Title says it all. HELP PLS.
I just started dating 3 days ago.
And he's already told me that he loved me...
by the way he wouldn't want sex because this is a long distance relationship.
He isn't that type of guy anyway.


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  • It sounds like with every 'Winky face' @IAmASexyNugget, your new guy doesn't Mind Being In... A Long Distance Relationship.
    Go Slow with the Flow for now Though. Nurse and Nurture Something Special that could very well Turn Into... Something Special.
    I know what it is to be in a LDR. I had Married a Man from Egypt who had Found me on FB. I flew over twice to be with him, on the second trip we tied the knot, and I even Resided there for awhile with him and his family.
    LDR are one of the Hardest to Have and to Uphold of Any. It Takes Two special people to Make the effort and Take the Time to be in this relationship. And it can Grow and Go real Dead in the water if only One is making the Effort that Take Team Effort to Remain in this Relationship.
    Make Skype your Bestie friend to the end, and in the meantime, try and make some Plans to be together in Person, which Always keeps the fires Going and Flowing. Along with Open Communication, this is very Important as well.
    Every little word, emoticon, just Anything that will Keep you both Interested, always Helps in a LDR.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It hinting. He wants a sexting session


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