Help me to understand what went wrong after weeks of talking but only one date?

The backstory: I met a guy online who travels for work. We Started talking right before he was leaving for a 4 week trip. We ended up communicating over text for almost the whole time. The texts were flirty, casual and serious, a little sexual. But I grew to really like him. He would text me every morning just to say hello and ask how my day was. It felt good to know someone was thinking about me.

He told me he was recently divorced, but more of a relationship person and was open to whatever happens.

The date: after weeks of talking on the Ovee text, we finally a date. I was nervous bc of all the build up. We met for an dinner and luckily all of easy conversing seemed to be the same in person. I was so relieved. We drank quite a bit and after an almost 4 hour dinner he asked what was next. He wanted to come over.

We got to my place and had another drink and sat on the couch and continued to talk. Out of the blue he kissed me. It felt right. We continued to talk and kiss. He paid me a lot of compliments - he liked my hair, my smile, my laugh, my shoes! He talked about things "we" should do, like watching a movie and going to a museum. He asked if I had a good night. And I said yes, it's so great to meet you in person and know you're real. He said he didn't want to take things too fast, so we ended the night there.

The next day: I figured I'd get s good morning message from him since that had been happening for weeks. But nothing. Finally I texted him just saying hey how's your day? We ended up texting the rest of the day. He eventually asked that I call him. Where he told me he's been thinking all day and doesn't think we should go out again bc he doesn't have romantic feelings but would love to be friends.

What happened? I understand that you can't force romantic feelings, but to cut it off after 1 date? Did I do something? Was it too serious? Does he not think I'm pretty? Did I say something when I was drunk? Help me understand from a guys perspective!


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  • He expected at least a blowjob at your place. He got nothing, so he Nexted you.


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  • He changed his mind/got bored. It happens.

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