Is this guy interested?

So I've met up with this tinder guy (whose not really from tinder) and we've been talking for the past few weeks none stop. He's met my friends. We've made out. He has texted me cute shit saying he really likes me and hopes to date me (enter a relationship) soon. I am however, received some degree of mixed signals as he can be cold and does not necessarily follow through with plans (i. e. talking on the phone, or chilling).


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  • He's interested in sex only.

    • He apologized for hitting my ass and he isn't too touchy feely in person. there's been opportunities for us to have sex but he hasn't taken them... so I don't think its just sex.

What Girls Said 1

  • It could go either way. I have done the online dating thing too. Sometimes they jump really fast into saying all those cute things without knowing you well enough. I would just continue to do what you're doing. If he continues to cancel dates and do this "cold/hot" thing I would say something to him.