I'm kind of Invisible to young girls in day, but in club most of the hot girls jump on me, why?

Anyone faced same scenario?


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  • They want attention and an ego boost.

    If you've taken a few home, it's because older men have stereotype for being good in the sack. ;) Don't let us youngins down!

    • Lol... ya I took a lot in my home. Basically it's not me who approaches to them at first.

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    • Man. "Anonymous (25-29) "

      Let me down, Asker. lol, you let me down.

    • I don't know why it sets my age in that range. I'll be 25 after few months.

  • maybe you look younger in the dark

    • Well younger means I look like 22 years old. Apart from younger girls, I meant middle aged women, men stare at me in daylight.

    • I thought you were asking why younger girls-like age 22 - ignore you doing the day and pay you attention at night. so i thought maybe in the dark they think you are closer to their age. i still think this can be the case.

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