Would you commit to such a girl?

So there all kinds of girls around but one kind that really draws my attention sometimes (not in a good way) are those girls :

They're pretty or attractive maybe not really special but attractive nonetheless, they do whatever they want, drink whatever they want, sleep with as many guys as they want, have no problems with anything, she would appear half naked at a wedding like its no big deal, hugs every guy she's introduced to and spends the night getting drunk with some dudes she met, basically she has no boundaries and nothing is off limits, even flashing herself in public and showing her breasts is okay cause she's tanning, and most importantly you dont get to even have an opinion because she gets to do whatever she wants.

i see lots of these girls here and less in rl but they exist and my question is simple : would you ever consider dating, being exclusive and eventually marry this girl and make her the mother of your children?

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  • I'm a bit like that, not to that extreme though, so yeah I could


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