Guys, what will he think if I delete him on FB?

Guys, i have been chatting for months but we have not

met yet. The first 4 months he regularly chat with me. And the last 2 months, the convo becomes so dry. I have to say thay this man is boring. Maybe i get bored of him, that makes i cannot make the convo as it used to be. And maybe he also loses his interest on me. We dunno. The reason i still keep him, i think he is basically a nice guy, and boyfriend potential. And so does he. I know he chats with other girl, but he keeps me until we meet in person.

He has my whatsapp, he follows me on insta, he adds my fb. He does it all first.

I think about deleting him, bcoz i think he is bored of me. And i think he knows me too much. What will u think as a guy?
Guys, what will he think if I delete him on FB?


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  • Online dating can be a pain in the ass. I'm sure you can find someone in person and not wait for someone that might never meet you in person. he seems nice but keep your options open and talk to other guys you meet in real life.

    • I know.
      i know he will meet me this September, absolutely. The thing is, i know this man is a boring one, i keep him bcoz he is nice and i think maybe i should not judge him from chat and videocall only till you meet in person. He told me twice "please be patient and wait for me".

      I think the convo is so dry lately, bcoz i lose interest with him , thats why i cannot make the convo interesting and dont talk a lot. I think, if he is bored me, then he doesn't need my fb anymore. Knowing me too much from fb might br the reason being bored with me. I dunno

      You have seen the chat, and read the story, what is ur conclusion?

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    • Hehe... ok i will be careful.
      I dont think he is a predator. But, ok i will be careful.

      What will a guy think if i delete him on fb, i know he will be aware of this quite soon. But sometimes i think, there is no point of having my fb anymore, bcoz he doesn't chat me anymore..

      Yea, he is just not that into me, but he still wants to meet me. He also keeps his option open. I realize that

    • If you delete him then just get over him and keep looking. dnt be heartbroken over someone you dnt know. maybe you should move to somewhere new and explore. there are a lot of guys out there for you to meet.

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  • I'd be really confused to be honest. But I'd get over it.