Why did this guy just stop calling me?

We were seeing each other for about a month. We hung out about 4-5 times. Chemistry was great. We got into a few small fights about him flaking all the time but we moved on and yesterday night before I went to bed he called me and said that he will be thinking about me and he wanted me to come spend the night Friday etc. than he said sweet dreams call me tomorrow.
today I called him... No answer. He doesn't have a cell phone so only his home and work phone. I only called twice but still what did I do wrong? We work at the same company but in different departments. I'll see him at work from time to time but idek.
Maybe he just really isn't interested and I should find someone who will give me more attention?


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  • He's playing around with you.
    Next him. You're wasting your time.

    • Yep. Today he came by my department with his coworker and basically just said hi and acted like normal. Than I brought up the fact that he didn't call in private and he was like yeah I know... When I had a chance to call it was too late. I feel so stupid. I really did like him. Oh well. I deleted all of his contact info today and will not contact him unless he contacts me... But I'm pretty sure he won't because he's flaky

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